Whether you are facing a Federal or State Criminal charge or are a target of an investigation, Roel Canales can help.

Attorney Roel Canales brings a wealth of experience as a defense attorney, former Assistant United States Attorney (federal prosecutor) and former State Associate Judge in Webb County Texas.

Roel Canales will listen to your needs, identify the best strategy in pursuit of the best possible outcome in your case.

Especially, when dealing with a crime that will be prosecuted in the federal courts, you want a lawyer who has handled those types of cases. The federal courts have different rules governing procedure and the admissibility of evidence, as well as different sentencing guidelines. You want an attorney who fully understands the federal criminal laws and process, who has successfully protected the rights of defendants in the federal courts.

Texas federal criminal defense lawyer Roel Canales is up to the challenge. A former Assistant United States attorney and former State Judge, Roel Canales focuses on high-stakes federal criminal cases.

We know how intimidating and confusing the criminal process can be. We take the time to carefully explain the law and what you can expect, as well as your options and likelihood of success. Roel Canales will always offer a free initial consultation to anyone facing federal criminal charges. To set up an appointment, contact our office online or call us at

When you hire Roel Canales to help you, he will personally conduct a thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest, to ensure that there was probable cause for any search or seizure and that all evidence was properly obtained. We will seek the exclusion of evidence and the dismissal of charges, if appropriate.

Some types of criminal offense that the U.S. Attorney’s Office typically pursues in federal court includes high-level drug offenses, conspiracies, federal weapons charges, child pornography, computer offenses, money laundering, and large-scale financial crimes.

You should take all inquiries and investigations by the federal government very seriously, even if you have not been charged with any crime. In this situation, it is essential that you immediately contact a seasoned federal criminal defense law firm that can protect your rights from the very outset of any accusations that the federal government may be making against you.

Roel Canales represents clients suspected or charged with white collar crimes. These cases require a high level of sophistication. Many white collar cases involve complex legal issues, financial reports and paper trails that are best handled by an experienced attorney.

Roel Canales has the skills and knowledge necessary to handle these complexities.

At Canales Law, clients receive the personal service they are entitled to. All clients work personally with Roel Canales himself on defenses related to a wide range of white collar criminal matters including:
custom’s Fraud, counterfeit Goods, public corruption, sophisticated money laundering schemes.

If you are being investigated by state or federal authorities, contact attorney Roel Canales as soon as possible.
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Some of the worst semi-truck accidents involve large vehicles, including 18-wheeler trucks and tractor trailers. Common reasons for trucking accidents can be vehicular failure or driver error.

Whatever the case may be, you want an attorney that is going to take the time to quickly investigate your case, determine if you are covered for your injuries by insurance and not fall asleep at the wheel.

Roel Canales understands that you do not want to be taken for a ride by the insurance company but instead get the coverage you deserve for your medical costs and suffering. We are here to help navigate through the legal system.

We will begin by evaluating the strength of your claim to identify whether or not you are eligible to pursue personal injury compensation. We will look at your medical records and the severity of the accident and resulting injuries to determine the potential value of your claim.
An attorney may be able to help you recover:
• lost wages
• pain and suffering
• past and future medical bills
• and other damages

When a trucking crash happens, you need someone on your side immediately. At Canales Law, we’re on your side.

Wrongful Death
There are a number of different causes of wrongful death claims, all of which are initiated by someone else’s wrongful or negligent act that ultimately leads to the death of your loved one.

Some of the most common causes of wrongful death lawsuits in Texas include:
• Medical malpractice
• Vehicle accidents
• Slip and fall injuries
• Construction and on the job accidents

In Texas, the surviving parents, children and a spouse can initiate a wrongful death claim. An executor or the personal representative of a decedent’s estate can also file the claim.

After your attorney has gathered all of the appropriate evidence for you to make an informed decision about which parties are entitled to financial recovery, the individuals who are named as responsible in the lawsuit should be put on notice and insurance information should be obtained. Settlement can happen at any stage of the lawsuit.



If someone dies, certain assets may pass to heirs free of court interference; however, many assets do not automatically pass to heirs without a court process. This court process is called probate. If a loved one has died, it is a good idea to meet with an attorney to determine what specifically needs to be done to ensure title passes correctly.

During the probate process, if the deceased person created a will during their lifetime, that will is presented to the proper court and certain tasks must be performed. For example, the debts and taxes of the deceased person must be paid, it must be determined what the deceased person owns so that the assets can be divided accordingly. Finally, after all the necessary legal requirements have been completed, the property may be distributed as directed by a will or by Texas law.

Probate in the state of Texas can be fairly quick and inexpensive; however, it can also become lengthy and time-consuming. Probate can be supervised or unsupervised. In an unsupervised probate, the appointed estate administrator manages assets, pays any debts, files required tax returns and various court documents, and distributes the estate assets. In a supervised probate, the probate judge must approve every detail of the estate administration.

At Canales Law, our probate process provides our clients with an understanding of what to expect, a timeline with set goals and organizational tools to ensure the process stays on track.
If a loved one has passed away and you require probate assistance, Roel Canales can help.

Probate Avoidance
Because probate can be a lengthy, costly and public process, many people choose to avoid it. There are a number of legal strategies that will allow you to pass property to another person after death, without going through probate.

Revocable Living Trust. A Revocable Living Trust is a legal document that allows you to establish a separate entity (the trust) to "hold" legal title to your assets while you are alive, and to name trustees to manage those assets according to the trust terms. Typically, you serve as the trustee while you are alive, managing your assets for your own benefit. Upon your disability or death, the trust terms appoint your successor trustee who then continues to manage or distribute the assets held in trust. A properly drafted trust can accomplish many goals, including guardianship and probate avoidance for your estate and bloodline, marital and creditor protection for your children.

Navigating the divorce process is never easy-even in a state such as Texas, where one spouse can file for divorce without the agreement of the other. Finding a local divorce attorney who can guide you through the ins and outs of divorce in Texas may make the road smoother and help you achieve the outcome you desire.

After one spouse has filed the Petition of Divorce, the court serves the other spouse with paperwork. If you and your spouse agree on how your property and debt should be divided, how any child support should be structured, and how any child custody arrangements should be handled, you will not have to go to trial to finalize your divorce. If these issues need to be decided by the court, a hearing is scheduled.
The court also may rule on temporary custody arrangements and temporary child support for any children involved in the divorce, as well as temporary responsibility for community-or joint-debts, before the divorce is finalized.